The Snow Band Capital Process

1. Identify

In addition to our in house recruitment team, we have developed a huge and ever-growing network of  business incubators, community leaders, Organizations and other resources across the United States that helps us identify high-powered, seed-stage companies in select markets, including technology, Artificial Intelligence, healthcare, food service, data analytics and Professional Entertainment.

2. Founder Needs Assessment and Match

Because we are so laser focused, we are looking for powerful founders that have strong skills on the business and marketing side but have yet to fully capture the full capacity of the tech side of their founding team and are looking to take their tech to new levels.  We believe a strong management team is one of the most important criteria for success.

3. Due Diligence

The due diligence stage helps to ensure a good fit and overall asset to our portfolio . Our process includes vetting ideas, technology, business plans as well as analyzing markets. Because we are not a fund and only invest our own money, we take pride in the efficiency of our process.  Because of our efficiency and ability to make quick decisions our deal flow stays at a high volume.

4. Seed and Human Capital

Our role in our companies is very active. In addition to Seed Capital we also deploy Human Capital in 90% of the companies we invest in.  We have previously filled the roles of CTO, Chief Architect, MVP Developer, Technical Support, Interim CTO, as well as Full stack developers.  We do not outsource any work and are strong believers in writing and developing enterprise class, proprietary technology that become true valuable assets. Brian Rodgers, Soumen (Xin) Ghosh and Dunn Leis take active front line roles when and where needed to support our investments. In addition, the rest of our team is at our company’s disposal and we collaborate with our founding teams to expand their networks and connect them to opportunities and resources to grow their businesses.

We are committed to designing successful outcomes

Through seed capital, human capital, building networks, innovation, and pure scrappiness!