Our Investment Strategy

Snow Band Capital is focused on identifying companies with very specific needs that we are supremely qualified to help them address.  We invest both seed and human capital into companies that already have a strong founding team but need help on the technology side of the business in both leadership and architecture.  Although we are very diverse and flexible, we primarily focus on companies in software, fin tech, robotics, artificial intelligence, travel, food service, professional entertainment, and healthcare.

Snow Band Capital invests in early-stage companies focused on improving efficiency and creating value in large established sectors in the market.  We are very unique in that we do not have investors ourselves and we are not a fund.  We only invest our own money, all of which was earned from start-up enterprises ourselves.  We make investments in companies valued at less than $10 million. Snow Band Capital is  projected to invest in 35+ companies by the end of 2019 with an average investment of 200K.


Brian Rodgers


Brian is the Founder of Snow Band Capital and also leads all human capital investments.  For the past 22 years Brian has worked on over 300 technology and food related projects and has led two of his own start-ups to multi-million dollar exits including his most recent in mid 2018.  Brian received a CIS degree…

Soumen (Xin) Ghosh


Xin serves as the CTO as well as the director of the human capital team here at Snow Band Capital.   Before Snow Band Capital, Xin and Brian forged a long term bond and have worked side by side on over 300 technology related projects since 1999, knocking out some of the most creative and well…

David Johnson


David is responsible for all deal flow as well as seed capital allocation for Snow Band Capital.  After spending a decade in corporate America with Cessna, David developed a keen understanding of early-stage companies – what it takes to make it and why so many don’t. Experience, integrity, uncommon persistence, and tenacity continue to guide successes…

Michael Howard


Mike works with Snow Band Capital to analyze new investment opportunities and advises on branding, advertising and go-to-market strategy for portfolio companies.  He is also an integral part of the Human Capital Team. Mike is an experienced entrepreneur and advisor with over 15 years of experience in branding, advertising, and business to business sales.  Mike built the corporate sales division…

Dr. Jennifer Rodgers


Dr. Rodgers brings a wealth of experience in business as well as healthcare to Snow Band Capital. She is responsible for company recruitment as well as all healthcare investments in our portfolio both present and future.  In addition to Snow Band Capital, Dr. Rodgers is the Director of Advanced Practice at UCHealth in Aurora, Colorado…

Dunn Leis

Dunn is the project lead for our Human Capital Team here at Snow Band Capital making him responsible for the overall success of each organization that we have human capital invested in. He brings over two decades experience as a full stack programmer and UX/UI designer to Snow Band Capital.  Since 1999, Dunn has been…