Brian is the Founder of Snow Band Capital and also leads all human capital investments.  For the past 22 years Brian has worked on over 300 technology and food related projects and has led two of his own start-ups to multi-million dollar exits including his most recent in mid 2018.  Brian received a CIS degree from Florida International University as well as a MBA from Wichita State University and continues to learn every new language and technology that comes down the pike.  He is probably the most well rounded developer most clients that work with him have ever have the opportunity to work with as he knows just about every language and skill needed to complete any technology related project.

Jose Vietez, Co-Founder of Boomtown Accelerators in Boulder, CO. was recently quoted as saying this about Brian “You may hear stories of the elusive 10X engineer, or cofounder; Brian is that person.  He could easily replace a team of 5- 10 engineers as far as high quality, impactful work goes.”

Besides being a highly sought after software architect, Brian is also widely considered the world’s foremost expert on plant based BBQ and travels the world speaking about the dangers of chidlhood obesity and his style of plant based BBQ.

In addition to the companies recently added to the Snow Band portfolio, Brian also holds equity and/or ownership positions in 7 tech companies. He is very busy but always has time for interesting new projects and people and would love to hear about your idea or company!

For more information about Brian please visit his personal site at